Circular Shuttle - Shuttle car

2023-06-21 Return
  Circular shuttle features
  | The track of the circular shuttle system is generally arranged as a closed loop in the plane, and the shuttle runs unidirectional along the track; Multiple shuttles can be run on the ring track at the same time, so as to realize the fast and accurate transportation of goods;
  | can also be open loop arrangement, single or multiple shuttle cars along the track to run back and forth;
  | Fast operation, high reliability, low cost;
  | Flexible operation, strong expansibility later.
  Technical parameters of circular shuttle car
  | Horizontal speed: max.200 m/min;
  | Load: 1500 kg;
  | Turning speed: 40m/min;
  | Running acceleration: 0.5m/s2;
  | Communication mode: wireless
  | running positioning accuracy: ±5mm;