Company Profile

        Huashine Intelligence is a national high-tech enterprise anda "specialized and new" enterprise in Shandong Province,formerly known as the intelligent equipment businessDepartment of listed company MESNAC Shares (002073.SZ).Since 2009, it has started to get involved in intelligent factoryand three-dimensional warehouse ASRS business, and hasachieved 14 years of industry accumulation, with maturetechnology, leading technology and rich practical experience.
        Company research, the core equipment (stacker, AGV, ring wearRGV, mechanical arm delivery system hardware) and the coresoftware system (WMS, WMS, TMS, etc.), focus on the differentindustry enterprises to provide intelligent logistics system,intelligent warehouse, intelligent factory, is one of the few actuallarge intelligent factory planning, software and hardwareimplementation, service implementation of the package supplier,is combined with intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet dimension of industrial enterprise digital serviceprovider.
        At present, Huashine Intelligence has provided professionalproducts and services to more than 400 enterprises in 15industries, including but not limited to rubber, new energy(lithium), chemical industry, medicine, cold chain, etc., whichhas been well received by customers.