AGV software system

2023-06-21 Return
  Introduction to AGV software system
  Introduction to AGV scheduling
  Scheduling system
  | task scheduling, intelligent task optimization algorithms, self learning history data, dynamic adjustment segmented time task priority strategy,
  Support a variety of optimization strategies for platform/flat depot/vertical depot to provide overall transportation efficiency;
  | path planning, real-time path optimization, block optimization, avoid the forecast, abnormal return dynamic path planning, such as supporting data to predict,
  Advance scheduling and regional distribution to improve overall logistics efficiency;
  | vehicle scheduling, and support a variety of navigation type (such as the laser/qr code/SLAM navigation type) mixed operation, support anatysis (heavy
  Load dive, differential dive, forklift type, etc.) hybrid operation, support multi-warehouse, multi-warehouse area, multi-map scheduling;
  | rich interface, support MES/WMS/ERP docking, ORACLE database support/used/MYSQL, etc.,
  Support transportation line/packaging machine and other devices docking, interface support TCP/OPC, support third-party control interface, provide based
  TCP interface API, data using PROTOBUF format transmission;
  | battery systems to support on-line automatic charging system, automatic in electric system, has perfect charging/electric dispatching strategy, make sure
  Reasonable use and maintenance of the battery to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the AGV system;
  | system 100% independent research and development, support task simulation and actual project single map distance is more than 500 m, 3 types of AGV, vehicles
  Quantity 50+, average daily processing tasks 5000+;
  Map management
  Traffic management tools | map, have powerful mapping function, provides a number of controls to meet automatic map, manual painting
  Make map and set dozens of parameters, support customers to modify the map independently, provide convenient map creation/check/down work
  Be able to; Monitoring and control system
  | Windows/tablet/TV monitoring, and support the domestic data display, supports real-time running state monitoring, abnormal support
  Alarm multi-terminal information push;
  Analysis of data
  | have complete data trace analysis system, independent of the data warehouse storage, support cloud data storage, support more than 30 days
  AGV operation data playback, support multi-dimensional statistics and analysis, including task statistics, vehicle statistics, alarm statistics, battery statistics,
  Maintenance data statistics, etc., provide data reports, can clearly view the status of task equipment and other data, to ensure the normal operation of logistics.