What are the structural characteristics of a latent jacking

  The use of latent jacking AGV equipment in automated three-dimensional ASRS warehouses is more and more, then the structural characteristics of latent jacking AGV are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
  Appearance design: AGV adopts sheet metal body, after spraying process, beautiful appearance, solid surface, corrosion resistance.
  Navigation system: The latent jacking AGV uses autonomous magnetic navigation technology, which is cost-effective, simple construction and accurate positioning.
  Control and display: Optional color high resolution touch screen, easy to operate, can monitor anomalies in real time.
  Drive and control unit: High performance drive/control unit, modular design, high stability, easy maintenance.
  Safety protection: It has four safety protection functions, including laser safety protection obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision device, emergency stop button, etc., which can ensure the safety of AGV during operation.
  Traffic management: Through intelligent traffic management, the AGV can automatically avoid obstacles, realize multi-level warning and emergency braking, and make the car run more safe and reliable.
  Communication mode: A variety of communication modes are optional, including wireless remote control, wired, wireless, Bluetooth, wifi, etc., which can meet the communication needs of different occasions.
  Battery performance: High performance battery, long service life.
  Logistics system integration: AGV has strong logistics system integration capabilities, and can be used with various types of intelligent cars, callers, elevator actuators, three-dimensional ASRS warehouses, logistics scheduling software, etc., to build a cost-effective logistics system.
  Load capacity: The AGV is full of power, can be customized according to the need for personalized load capacity, can be widely used in electronics factories, SMT workshops, clothing factories and other occasions.
  The above-mentioned latent jacking AGV is compact in structure, flexible in operation and safe in operation