Intelligent sorting solutions

2023-06-19 Return
  Intelligent logistics realizes the classification and warehousing of materials, reduces human factors in the process of material transmission, reduces the load of workers, and meets the needs of highly automated operation of the production process. To provide customers with more convenient control, more complete data, more efficient service logistics solutions.
  Advantages of products
  The equipment occupies a small area and expands the space well;
  It can access intelligent devices such as manipulators and AGVs to cooperate with each other to realize intelligent sorting.
  High sorting precision, fast sorting speed, strong applicability;
  Continuous work;
  Customized services;
  Realize the high efficiency of logistics operation, logistics management information, logistics operation specialization;
  Through logistics control operation platform and intelligent management system, big data, cloud computing, BI tools and other data intelligent analysis technology are used to analyze a large amount of data and information stored by enterprises. Realize the improvement of business process, data unification, equipment operation and other whole process monitoring and management.