New energy industry solutions

2023-06-19 Return
In recent years, the new energy industry is in a period of rapid development, based on many years of tire and large chemical industry design and implementation experience, HUASHINE INTELLIGENT fully consider the characteristics of the lithium battery industry, combined with the battery production process before and after, customized different storage, logistics and distribution solutions for customers.
Solution application:
Positive raw materials, negative raw materials, pole sheet, assembly raw materials, electrode raw materials, partition formation, module PACK, finished cell automated warehousing logistics overall solution.
Service advantages:
At the equipment level, strict restrictions on metal control methods are implemented to form industry standards;
In the information layer, the upper computer system collects the underlying data, integrates, deeply interprets and feedbacks, realizes the close combination of production process and storage logistics, and achieves the construction goal of information synchronization and logistics intelligence.
Supporting products:
Automated warehouse, intelligent conveying series (standard products, non-standard products), customized MES production system, WMS intelligent storage management system, WCS storage control system, etc.