Intelligent storage solutions

2023-06-19 Return

HUASHINE INTELLIGENT provides automated warehousing solutions from site research, data analysis, master planning, design phase, project implementation and after-sales integration.


Product advantage

High space utilization, unit area storage capacity is 5-10 times of the traditional storage mode;
It can easily and seamlessly connect with the production system, improve the strain and decision-making ability;
Improve production efficiency and reduce manpower input;
To realize the automation and information of logistics management and improve the production management level of enterprises.


In-depth understanding of customer needs, focusing on overall system planning and scalability;
The efficiency of each link is verified and analyzed by simulation.

The performance of single equipment is stable, ensuring the normal operation of the system within 24 hours. When the key equipment stacker fails, it adopts the starting mode at any position to shorten the fault repair time, and has the function of operation history record tracking, providing a reliable basis for the fault cause analysis and the development of maintenance plans.


HUASHINE INTELLIGENT  has been committed to the product development and manufacturing of automation equipment for a long time, and has accumulated more than 100 stackers and more than 20 large-scale three-dimensional warehouse projects.