New Energy

2023-06-19 Return
  A domestic lithium battery company joined hands with HUASHINE Intelligence to plan and design optimization and upgrade solutions for anode and cathode volumes. Combined with the structure and level of process management and logistics management, through the transformation of intelligent upgrading scheme based on process, the traceability of material production information is realized through barcode technology, the automatic transfer between materials and processes is realized through intelligent logistics equipment, and the intelligent management of inter-process cache materials is realized through three-dimensional warehouse ASRS and intelligent warehouse management system. Finally realize the intelligent upgrade of the anode and cathode volumes warehouse ASRS. Successfully solve many industry problems such as large storage area of the original links in the system, difficult management of storage materials, high labor cost of production links, and inaccurate traceability of production information.
  Customer value:
  1. Realize the standardization construction of the anode and cathode volumes warehouse ASRS;
  2. Achieve accurate matching and accurate transportation;
  3. Reduce maintenance costs by 20% through predictive maintenance;
  4. Through path optimization and intelligent power replacement technology, AGV efficiency is improved by 26%;
  5. Increase production efficiency by 37.5%.