2023-06-20 Return
  Intelligent logistics storage system ASRS of a starch production enterprise. The project has realized the functions of raw material inspection, storage, automatic warehousing ASRS, intelligent distribution, and seamless material conveying in the workshop. At the same time, the software management and control system independently developed by HUASHINE Intelligent is configured to carry out comprehensive information management for the logistics system of the starch automation production line, which is seamlessly connected with the ERP and MES systems to achieve unified management and resource sharing, fully meeting the functions of the enterprise information exchange and resource sharing platform.
  Customer value:
  1. Help customers reduce production costs by 30%;
  2. 50% increase in production capacity;
  3. Reduce labor cost by 3 million RMB yuan/year
  4. Reduce the quality cost by 1 million RMB yuan/year;
  5. Production efficiency increased by 10%;
  6. 80% increase in space utilization;
  7. To realize the automatic loading of tons bag;
  8. Realized the automatic operation of the warehouse, managed the inventory data of the warehouse and standardized the operation process of the warehouse.