How should the AGV car operate correctly?

  Correct AGV car operation mode makes the product work more efficient, and the economic benefits are very outstanding. In the process of paying attention to this product, it is very necessary to use the correct operation in the process. Only after taking the appropriate operation can the effect of the work be better.
  To grasp the correct operation of the AGV car, we can know that the inspection work before the car starts is very important. After the inspection of all parts, the effect of the car in use can be very good. The position of the trolley is very important. The trolley should be in the middle of the guide line, and the emergency stop button of the trolley should not be touched.
  In order to make the car in use can maintain a better working effect, in the gear selection is also very necessary. Because the ground situation is a little complicated, so do not adjust to a higher gear, generally first gear or second gear is OK. And in the confirmation of the input path must pay attention to, choose the exact path is very necessary.
  After these corresponding situations are well considered, the AGV car can be really well operated. I hope all the units used can seriously think about it. HUASHINE Intelligence is committed to providing customers with reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions and building strong partnerships with customers in the long-term cooperation.
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