ASRS (Automated storage and retrieval system)

2017-11-14 Return
Huashine is able to provide a whole automated storage solution from site investigation, data analysis, general planning, proposal design, and project implementation. 

Product advantage: 
High utility rate of space, and storage capacity of unit area is 5-10 times traditional storage mode; Convenient seamless joint with production system to improve contingency and decision-making capacity; 
Improve production efficiency and reduce labor input; 
Realize the automation and informatization of logistic management, and improve production 
management of enterprises. 

 Advantages of Huashine: 
Learn more about customer requirements and pay attention to overall planning and expansibility of systems. 
Equipment efficiencies at different stage are all simulation proofed and analyzed. Stable performance of single equipment assures normal operation within 24 hours. Optional position start mode is provided for key equipment such as stacker crane to shorten failure maintenance time. In addition, history record tracking function is provided to offer reliable support for cause analysis of failures and periodic maintenance plan. Committed to the D&R and manufacture of automated equipment and accumulated with 100 sets of stacker cranes and over 20 large-scale ASRS project experience. ;